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Tackling issues through smarter use of data

The Essex Data programme is well underway to use the power of data to tackle some of our most challenging issues and has enabled Councils, Police, health, and voluntary and community organisations in Essex to safely share and use data to deliver new insight.

In the programme's first pilot on school readiness we have been able to predict six key areas in Vange, Basildon, which are at the highest risk of children under five not being school ready. Although the data is not displayed at household level, we know that within these areas there are households that were previously not known to services, as the infographic below demonstrates. This targeted insight is now enabling us to work with the community to design services that can prevent issues from arising and ensure the best start in life.

As the four initial Essex Data prototypes - school readiness, domestic abuse, gangs vulnerability and violence, and A&E attendance - move from concept to reality, we want to ensure this pioneering work is scaled up and applied to other thematic areas that could benefit from bringing partner data together for new insight. Working together with Essex Police and Nesta the Essex Data delivery model will next be used to mobilise a modern slavery insight project and there are a number of additional priority areas that are currently under consideration.

If you have ideas for where you think partner data could bring new insight and therefore be used to deliver better outcomes then get in touch with us essex.partners@essex.gov.uk

Learn how Essex Data is helping us to predict those at future risk by watching this short animation.