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New Independent Living Collaborative

A new Independent Living Collaborative group has been formed by Essex County Council, Borough and District councils, NHS, Fire and voluntary sector members from across the county to share knowledge and experience around what may be enabling or hindering technology adoption among older people in Essex.

This system-wide collaborative piece of work is about taking the best of technology and combining with a human and social approach to deliver meaningful insights into our relationship with technology, and relates to two ambitions of the Essex Vision; ageing well and connecting people.

Assistive technology can help people to live independently for longer in their own homes, can have a beneficial impact on quality of life and can reduce the need for social care and health services. However, deployment of this technology at scale beyond the use of relatively simple, low cost products such as monitored alarms, has not yet taken place.
The group, together with Healthwatch Essex, has been speaking to retired people, professionals and the family and carers surrounding them. If you know of a group or individual who might like to contribute to the insight gathering, contact irene@rethinkpartners.co.uk

The Independent Living Collaborative group is looking to co-produce a theory of change by March, which will provide a single narrative for this challenge.