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LGA funding to support system transformation

Essex Partners has secured £50,000 from the LGA to support its work on whole-system transformation and delivery of the county's shared vision The Future of Essex.

One of the partnership's proposals is to use a small number of experienced and credible system thinkers from across the UK to:
• Introduce new ways of working to discover the impact of issues on the citizen, their locality and the wider system;
• Support the eight vision projects, help drive the pace, manage and resolve issues;
• Ensure that there is a learning frame wrapped around partnership work to enable participants to gain personal development insight, and to support best practice within the wider system in Essex and beyond.

Additional ideas of how the resource could be used within the county are also welcome.

Desired outcomes would include changes in behaviour gained from working together in a new way, for example:
• Trust built between system leaders and participants;
• A deeper understanding of how the whole system works and the role each part of the system plays within it;
• A readiness to challenge the system and provide alternative solutions;
• New styles of leading displayed by authentic and distributive forms of leadership.

A light-touch competitive process has been put in place to enable system leaders to secure resources. If you would like to know more, or to apply please contact shammi.jalota@essex.gov.uk