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Fourth Essex Assembly celebrates system change

More than 160 leaders from across public services in Essex are coming together today at Chelmsford Racecourse to discuss the role the public services and wider partners can play in securing equality of opportunity for all.

This Essex Assembly will focus on one of the seven Future of Essex ambitions - to Share Prosperity with Everyone, guest speakers will explore the strong links between our work and the impact this can have on social mobility.

Rachael Millar, Head of Secretariat Social Mobility Commission, will provide the keynote address; looking at the influences on social mobility including economic opportunities, capability development, home environment, housing and infrastructure, and health, many of which are considered through the eight projects established to support the delivery of the Future of Essex.

This is the fourth Essex Assembly to take place, and the third to meet since the launch of the vision; The Future of Essex at the September 2017 Essex Assembly. Twice a year the county’s most senior leaders from across the public sector, universities, the voluntary and community sector and business come together at  the Essex Assembly to discuss how we can all work together to deliver our shared vision for Essex.