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Celebrating the impact of systems leadership

The next Essex Assembly is fast approaching on 6 March, and more than 100 of the county’s leaders will come together to celebrate the power of systems leadership in delivering the vision for Essex.

The Essex Assembly will welcome Cecilia Tredget, Managing Director East of England Local Government Association, and Adam Rigarlsford, Sport England, who, among the list of speakers, will share their experience of the value and impact of systems leadership on behaviours, outcomes and attracting investment, and why building further capacity is critical to achieving The Future of Essex.

Participants will workshop projects and ideas that will deliver our shared vision for the county; The Future of Essex. The workshop will focus on effective partnership work to drive forward a number of areas of work; data analytics, reducing mental health incidents, building civic pride and social capital, maximising the economic, community and public health potential of new garden communities, safer communities, skills and promoting physical activity to support physical and mental health.

There is still time to register to attend Essex Assembly please click here.