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Leadership in context demonstrating impact for ASPIRE voluntary and community professionals

The second ASPIRE workshop - Leadership in Context - took place in Chelmsford on 15 May providing the 15 ASPIRE participants - senior professionals from across the voluntary and community sector - an opportunity to focus on freeing up time to lead.

“My confidence has increased,” “I'm challenging decisions, I'm more self-aware”, “ASPIRE has changed my work life,” and “ASPIRE is in the back of my mind all the time,” are just some of the statements from participants, demonstrating the positive impact of ASPIRE and the progress that’s possible.

It’s been three months since the ASPIRE leaders came together; a combination of workshops, coaching, webinars and an online discussion forum has enabled participants to explore how they influence, manage, focus on achieving tasks, and develop an effective climate to lead.

ASPIRE is a bespoke leadership development programme supporting the voluntary and community sector in Essex to develop the skills and network needed to tackle future challenges.