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Witches, WAGs and Wideboys

The Witches, WAGs and Wideboys conference will focus on various aspects of the Essex Girl/Boy stereotype, and how it impacts upon our social and working lives, offering insight to support the delivery…

New Independent Living Collaborative

A new Independent Living Collaborative group has been formed by Essex County Council, Borough and District councils, NHS, Fire and voluntary sector members from across the county to share knowledge an…

Tendring catalyses collaborative energy

Tendring District Council kick-started its Future of Essex champions campaign by engaging more than 250 staff, and members, to explore what The Future of Essex means for its organisation.

ECC & Police Chiefs unite in unique endeavour to drive system leadership in Greater Essex

Leadership development organisations from across the country are helping us to shape the content of the 2018-19 Leadership Collaborative programme set to launch this spring.

Essex leaders prioritise vision projects to deliver county ambitions

With just six weeks to go until the next Essex Assembly, Essex leaders have prioritised a number of vision projects as momentum builds to deliver county ambitions to deliver our shared vision for the …