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Future leaders unlocking our potential

Sam Hepplewhite Chief Officer North East Essex CCG shares her view on arming emerging leaders to further transform public services.

Public services must learn and work together to become better equipped for the future; a future where whole system working and shared accountability transform peoples’ experiences and enable them to access the right support, at the right time, through the most effective touchpoint.

The Greater Essex Leadership Collaborative (GELC) takes a refreshing and focused approach to bringing future leaders together to develop a shared voice across all public services and a joint approach to achieving this vision.

GELC, its sponsors and participants, all share a desire to do things differently and have the potential to drive significant and impactful change countywide. With Local Authorities, Health, Police, Fire and Voluntary Sector partners all represented as part of GELC there is a strong commitment to investing in leadership to deliver change.

Transformation and public service reform are a priority for organisations looking to use their resources more effectively, and to achieve the required change we know we need to adopt a different approach to delivering services in the future. GELC challenges emerging leaders, their current thinking and approaches, and provides them with practical tools to shape public service organisations for the future.

Through GELC our most talented up and coming leaders are immersing themselves in whole system collaboration; meeting and working with a wide range of senior public service representatives to build insight and develop a shared approach to tackling some of the most entrenched issues that face public services across Greater Essex.

Three participants representing the North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group took part in the 2017 GELC programme. For them GELC provided an opportunity to build stronger and more effective relationships, growing their confidence to engage external partners in our organisation’s transformation agenda, and positioning our organisation to collaborate to further develop whole-system working.

The 12 month programme, which features four full day masterclasses, provided the opportunity for participants to focus on co-creation and allowed the time for them to put new theories and behaviours into practice by bringing new approaches to innovation and transformation back into the organisation. The combination of inspiring and influential speakers, participating in active learning workshops to develop new behaviours, and connecting with colleagues through shared assignments to tackle the county’s wicked issues, encouraged them to test and choose their own tactics and behaviours to suit the needs of their projects. I have seen a constant stream of ideas, strong personal development and deeper professional reflection from our participants, which combined will unleash their potential to thrive and achieve our ambitions to collaborate to overcome future challenges.

Sam Hepplewhite

21 August 2017



Sam Hepplewhite, Chief Officer North East Essex CCG nominated three officers to join the Greater Essex Leadership Collaborative