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When Essex’s top 100 system leaders came together at the Essex Assembly in September to shape their strategies to deliver the county’s new vision for Essex; The Future of Essex, they articulated a new approach to achieving our ambitions and catalysing a movement for change – “for new results, try new methods”.

Leading Greater Essex is exactly that, a new and unique opportunity for the county’s emerging leaders to reach their full potential and confront the public sector’s most entrenched challenges, both now and in to the future.

Assembled, our future leaders are not distinguished by title or uniform; they are distinct by their unification. Their superhero powers are their collective abilities to solve complex problems for the whole Essex system, and their superior skills – refined as part of their system-wide leadership schooling – are strategic vision, accountability and collaboration, which together enable them to lead Greater Essex.

As expectations for our services continue to grow exponentially our need for well-equipped leaders is great. Our traditional leadership arsenal is no longer enough to realise our vision; both our leaders and our approach require more agility to accelerate our achievements.

The Leading Greater Essex programme will bring together leaders with different expertise, experience, skills, and organisational backgrounds. It will facilitate a safe learning space that simulates their real working environment, and provides them with the opportunity to learn, reflect, apply and experiment, while being supported by development experts who can identify and understand opportunities for further challenge and growth.

This new approach will break the mould and create systems leaders that are collaborative, innovate, curious, and lead with their hearts and minds; they are humble enough to admit they don’t know everything, strengthened by partnership working, excited by the challenge and potential of Leading Greater Essex and are prepared to further raise the bar.

Ready to unleash your superpowers?

Maria Farres

Head of Leadership and Talent, Essex County Council


Find out more about what's involved in the Leading Greater Essex programme.

Apply here.

Page updated 02/03/18