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Working with the whole system

Essex Partners is pleased to announce that ThePublicOffice will deliver Leading Greater Essex – a twelve month leadership collaboration for emerging leaders from across the public sector in Essex.

Leading Greater Essex will bring together 50 leaders from across public services in Essex, Southend and Thurrock in July to develop their system leadership practice and shape the future by seeing issues not in public service silos, but instead as common challenges that we need to work on together.

In the twelve months ahead ThePublicOffice will offer the collaborative the opportunity to learn together and work on real and system-wide issues. Priority work from across public services will benefit from the capacity and capabilities of a supported group of emerging leaders to progress and accelerate the work for the benefit of Essex citizens.

The shared aim is to create a sustained, whole Essex, network effect: supporting Essex to learn its way towards the future, whilst making progress on the immediate County priorities articulated within the Future of Essex and South Essex vision. A Senior Faculty of sponsors, system leaders and other stakeholders will be invited to support the collaborative as active participants in #LGE2018.

Working as a whole system, the intent of #LGE2018 is to:

• develop the knowledge, capabilities, leadership practice and confidence of 50 leaders;
• connect the system to more of itself, connecting the cohort of 50, previous programme alumni, senior sponsors, system leaders to some of the key challenges facing Greater Essex;
• support the work that needs to be done, through sharing tools and methodologies, providing specialist coaching and mentoring, building learning for both participants and the wider system through doing real work together;
• focus on learning and critical feedback loops to make sustained change happen;
• support and connect people to the networks to ensure deep and authentic collaboration.

Leading Greater Essex has recruited 50 leaders that are already operating within senior roles across organisations within Essex, displaying high leadership potential and strong leadership behaviours with an ambition to influence outcomes by delivering collaborative agendas and shared ambitions.

Page updated 22/05/18