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Reclaiming 'collaboration' for Essex

David Sollis Chief Executive Healthwatch Essex took part in the Greater Essex Leadership Collaborative programme 2016-2017.

Healthwatch Essex works with many partners to tailor and deliver its services, but going out and speaking to lots of people about their lived experience; patients, carers, friends, relatives, is what drives our impact,  because we see the value in finding out what really matters to them, and that’s why collaboration is really important.

Like you I receive a lot of marketing emails tempting me to attend a variety of different development and training courses. What appealed to me about the Greater Essex Leadership Collaborative was the opportunity to reclaim the word collaboration for the public sector in Essex, to make ‘collaboration’ a really positive opportunity for future change. GELC introduced me to new people, it allowed me to become involved in areas of public sector work that I would never touch upon in my day to day work, and in doing so to meet experts from planning, public health etc., and importantly it allowed our diverse group, Spaced Out, to recognise that we shared one thing, a lived experience, inspiring us to deliver new ideas to tackle old problems together, now that’s 'collaboration'.

Having time to reflect during the masterclasses, I looked around the room and I saw the future leaders of Essex, the fact that we all came together inspired by transformation and to invest in our personal development was real confirmation that working with those colleagues now and moving forward, means that we'll have a really good chance of making a difference for the people of Essex in the future.

For those leaders who value themselves and their contribution to solving the challenges that we face in Essex, and for those who are interested in their personal development GELC can provide the chance to challenge their approach to leadership.

Having had the time and space to embrace my leadership qualities I consider myself to be innovative, driven and passionate about what I do, but I'm also a leader who believes in delivery that has impact both now and in the future. I have been part of a great programme that’s enabled me to join the dots about what we at Healthwatch Essex do, and what others around the county are doing to solve problems for the people of Essex, and I feel both mine, and the Spaced Out team’s efforts, have gone someway to solving one of Essex’s wicked issues!   

David Sollis

1 September 2017






The Greater Essex Leadership Collaborative challenges our approach to leadership