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Leading Greater Essex

Organisations across Essex are uniting in this unique and ambitious leadership programme to tackle, head-on, some of the most difficult challenges facing the county.

Developing emerging leaders

A unique endeavour for the county.

Leading Greater Essex

ThePublicOffice deliver leadership collaboration

Greater Essex Leadership Collaborative

Hear from the class of 2016-17.

Unlocking future potential

Sam Hepplewhite on collaborative leadership.

Huddling together to stay warm

The importance of collaborative working.

Masterclasses 2016-17

Highlights from the masterclasses.

A shared leadership experience

David Sollis on reclaiming 'collaboration'.

Finding value in collaboration

Paul Ashworth discovers like-minded leaders.

Building a network

People meeting people.

Sowing the seeds for collaboration

Disruptive leadership catalysing change.

Unleash your superpowers

For new results try new methods.