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The power of data science and AI

Our vision – To make Essex a national leaders using the power of data science and AI to tackle public policy challenges.

Our roadmap to accelerate us towards realising our bold ambition:

  • Make Essex a place that is exemplar for integration of data across public bodies
  • Predictive analytics based on ethically high standards
  • Sustainable data infrastructure
  • Best data science / analytical capabilities in the UK to benefit our people and communities

Partnership diagnostic and capability assessment

There is a need to have a collective view on where we are now in relation to our analytics maturity journey and understand our existing capabilities and infrastructure across the partnership. This includes mapping out all existing work to improve levels of awareness and identify what impact we have made and where to next.

Develop joint partnership skills & capabilities

There is a need to develop joined up skills and capabilities across the partnership to implement data-driven solutions towards prevention and benefit local people and businesses.

Create dynamic learning opportunities for social good

There is a need to have a continuous view on what best in class / cutting edge looks like, ensuring we are constantly learning from others and developing our talent locally to the benefit citizens and local businesses of Essex.

Developing an Essex standard
There is a need to have a set of guiding principles that all partners can sign up to, to ensure that we are following the highest possible ethical and protection standards in projects using data science and AI.

Essex system sponsors of this work include Gavin Jones (ECC), Stephen Kavanagh (Essex Police) and Anthony Forster (University of Essex).

A partnership self-assessment is currently being undertaken to identify assets, capabilities and capacity across the system.