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Whole Essex Information Sharing Framework

Essex has a strong information sharing community of more than 400 organisations made up of local authorities, Police and Fire and Rescue Services, health, schools, voluntary and community sector, housing and academic bodies, for whom the Whole Essex Information Sharing Framework (WEISF) provides access to advice, guidance, good practice, networking and tools to support the development of countywide information sharing.

In line with the fundamental principle to develop partners’ ownership of WEISF the model is resourced collectively through a shared approach to financial, staff and physical resourcing and its success demonstrates the strong level of partner commitment to making best use of the collective resources available.

Identifying and responding to partners' needs

The initial engagement to develop the WEISF meant partners were able to highlight, what was until then, an unrecognised need for support.

Developing a shared vision through the Greater Essex Information Strategy (GEIS) meant that from the outset there was partnership agreement of aspirations and a commitment to sharing data across Essex to deliver better outcomes for our citizens. With the GEIS in place the WEISF portal has been built to meet everyone's needs from providing advice and guidance on enablers such as information asset registers, data flow mapping, privacy notices and protocols – often new or scary concepts to smaller organisations.  
The WEISF has supported many projects to drive through the perceived barriers to sharing information, such as the Pan Essex Fraud Initiative, Health and Social Care integration projects, Safeguarding System and the Data Platform and Risk Stratification project (to name but a few).