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People-centric data sharing

Using analytics to help drive whole system transformation is not just about the data you have, but also how you use it.

We know that social problems are complex and interrelated, and the problems and their potential solutions will often have a geographic or local dimension. Addressing these requires a diverse solution; and we know that no one service, organisation or person can address the root causes of need on their own. 

Essex is exploring what 'digital' means for its residents, for partnership working, and for where it focuses its energy, to ensure that Essex is leading the way for developing digital public services.

Imagine a future where access to public services in Essex is built round residents and businesses, where people help themselves.

What if public and private sector delivery was not segmented, but instead provided the best overall offer for the consumer (whether personal or business).

Would you grasp the opportunity to better target public resources towards needs using data to inform your decisions and shape service design?

Essex County Council is beginning an exciting journey with the University of Essex and Anglia Ruskin University to use its digital strategy to benefit the lives of residents by making it easier to travel, access services, improve health and social care systems, support businesses and much more.

Essex is building an open data supermarket to achieve a future enabling public services in Essex to grasp the opportunities that open data present. The data supermarket will provide Essex Partners with better data analytics and the platform to move from a disparate public estate to a digitally enabled public access presence, built to high professional standards that support business and community needs. 

Digital themes

Essex is one of the UK’s largest counties, with a challenging geography including a large rural population, varied economy, 60,000 businesses, almost 5,000 miles of road, over 200,000 school pupils and 1.5 million residents.

The Smart Essex approach aims to address these challenges and improve the way we live, work and travel around the county. With this in mind, we have streamlined our digital ambitions into four distinct areas:

  • Smart movement of people, things and data to improve access, speed and convenience;
  • Smart public services built around a “once and done” model for residents and businesses
  • Smart places, spatially designed for a great quality of life for people and families of all ages using the best technology can offer
  • Smart Economy to support our growing population and the inevitable demands from increased business to support economic growth
  • Smart Lives – live safe and well at home, continuous skills development through lifelong learning to keep pace with the changing world of work.

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